Office & Commercial Window Tinting

Solar Films

Heat & Glare Reduction, & Privacy

Many companies that contact us are experiencing a lack of performance in their airconditioning system.

Commonly, one part of the building is ‘hot’ and the other side is ‘cold’. Window Tinting allows offices to operate the airconditioning systems on lower settings reducing running costs, with the reduction of up to 81% of the heat gain. New film options are now available that retain heat (in the winter period) as well asreject heat (in the summer period).

Removing excessive heat gain from your windows can reduce your electricity costs through the amount of time you need to operate your Airconditioning system. It is estimated that window film can provide a return within 3 years through reduced energy consumption. This is

officially recognised through the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) which is designed to contribute to an improvement in a commercial property with a star rating similar to home appliances.


Glare reduction is a significant problem with the number of computers being used in offices these days. Where there is excessive light being experienced, window films can reduce up to 93% glare and still provide the ability to clearly see out. If privacy is an issue, there is a range of films that can improve daytime privacy.

Frosted Films

Internal partitions and external glass can be frosted with films to provide 100% privacy day and night. These films can be computer cut with your logo or include colourful images digitally printed, and is only limited by your imagination. There is a large range of films to provide a feature on the glass in your office.


A common method to comply with the occupancy requirement for councils is to apply a frosted film. There are durable films for long lasting requirements. The Tint Shop is also familiar with the standards for the Manifestation of Glass (making glass visible) using complying vinyls, this also includes computer cutting / printing logos and designs

Safety, Security & Vandalgard Films

If Security or Safety is an issue with your glass, our safety and security films can provide a solution. These films are available in clear and tinted options. External options are available designed to reduce the costs when glass or mirrors are “tagged” or scratched, or for surfaces which are subject to regular vandal attack using paint or permanent markers.

Safety Film


Glass can inflict injuries once broken, whether through the impact of someone hitting the windows, an object penetrating the window, or natural disasters. Fitting a Safety and Security films prevent glass ‘shards’ from causing injury by holding the glass in place. Our safety films comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 2208:1996 ‘Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings’ and AS 1288-1994 ‘Glass in Buildings’. This is much cheaper option than replacing your glass.

Security Film

Security film can significantly increase the amount of time for burglars to gain access to your property. If you live in a high risk area or feel that you have some glass that is vulnerable to thieves the fitting of Security film is the solution for you. It comes clear or tinted so if you have other concerns such as heat, glare, and privacy you will be able to solve a range of problems at once.

VandalGard Films

VandalGard or Anti-Graffiti films protect the glass in the event of vandals intentionally scratching the surface. This film can be periodically removed and replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass or mirror. GraffitiTidy is a new film option that allows permanent markers of or paint to be simply wiped of the surface. This solution can be applied to any flat surface.

How Window Film Works

View this video of before and after effects


Window tinting does not need to remove your view, but will enhance it taking out the excessive glare and this view can be retained even at night with our Neutral series films.

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